Why oh why?

Why is it so difficult to figure out how best to represent yourself online? All I need is an online portfolio and resume. It shouldn’t be difficult but it is! What color scheme do I use? What styling is appropriate? Will this be professional looking and still represent my personality? Or does it just scream, “I think I’m edgy but I get all my jokes from Family Guy”? But really, how do I design something that says: I went to college and I am experienced in web development and project management. I have traveled and experienced different cultures. I have…

Hello world!

Hello world! What is this, 2003? I’m starting a blog again! Hopefully this blog is both a place for me to organize the thoughts in my head as well as a way to make me look articulate and hire-able. I’m not sure both can be accomplished in one blog. Some of the thoughts that run through my head are definitely not articulate or work-appropriate. On the other hand, if I can make them come across as such, I deserve something. Maybe a gold star!