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JugglinJennifer likes to keep everything up in the air. She juggles anything from balls and clubs to beer bottles and meat cleavers. She also does balloon animals and strolling magic. Jennifer combines this in a performance that can be tailored to your event, from silly and fun to dark and edgy. Jennifer brings versatility and all-American exuberance to every show.

Posted on : 07-09-2016 By : Jennifer

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks. First Hawaii, then back to Las Vegas for a week, now Sacramento, CA for 2 weeks. Then I get to go back to Vegas and move from one house to another. In July. In the desert. I am not looking forward to that. I grew up in Northern California and went to college in Sacramento. It always feels a little weird being here; like this place is my home and yet foreign to me. I guess that's part of what it means to…

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Posted on : 06-27-2016 By : Jennifer
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